Walthers 933-4047 HO Prairie Co-Op Elevator Kit
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Classic 6th edition Chaos Knights lot Warhammer Fantasy metal miniatures OoP

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Warhammer Bretonnia Knights of The Realm

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A bill to replace “disobedient” electors has now been introduced in two sessions of the Texas legislature (2017 and 2019) but never passed.

Iowa Governor Signs Bill that Moves Non-Presidential Petition Deadlines from August to March

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Maine is the Only State That Hasn’t Determined Whether it will Have Presidential Primaries

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Democrats in the legislature want a presidential primary, but the state is worrying about paying for primaries.

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Two Utah Cities Will Use Ranked Choice Voting in Municipal Elections This Year

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This the first time ranked choice voting will have been used in public elections in Utah.  Thanks to Election Administration Reports for this news.  200mm 1 9 Moche Warrior Figure Bust Model Resin Garage Kit Unpainted Big Statue.

Kentucky Moved Non-Presidential Petition Deadline from August to June

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